We're going on tour with the Yugos!

A long time ago, we played with The Yugos for the first time. It was at a venue in Kentucky called Radio Down and it was one of those gigs where the promoter booked like 8 young bands in hopes that it'd make dollaz. Anyway...the only reason I had known about The Yugos was because Christian (their primary song-writer/lead vocals) had been sending me random demos on Facebook. They were really lo-fi demos of simple songs he was working on and I always told him to send more...but I never really knew much about his full band at all. When The Yugos played later that night, it hit me really hard in the chest...in the best way possible. Something about their energy was spot on. And to this day, I can't go to a show without feeling that same thing...only difference is that these days they're a bit more grown up and they sound fucking incredible. 

Touring with them is something I've been wanting to do for a really really long time. And now we get to hit the road with them and share shows from July 14th through July 19th. I'm ridiculously excited for that and can't wait to share updates. We're playing music together in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. So STOKED.

This is the official tour poster - designed by this rad dude named Rico!

~ written by Garet